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Beyond its mind-blowing scenery and relaxed atmosphere, Mauritius is a natural haven for healthcare.

Here are 6 reasons why choosing to move to Mauritius will make for a healthier lifestyle:

Reason No. 1: Invigorating clean air

The idyllic seashores of the island are a tourist asset but also a valuable health-enhancing resource. The sea air is charged with negative ions and has outstanding therapeutic benefits, addressing our deficiencies, boosting our immune system and cleansing our living environment. Mauritius indeed ranks among the best countries in Africa for air quality.

The air in the surroundings of waterfalls and mountains is rich in negative ions which strengthens the body and helps it cope better with urban air pollution.

Invigorating clean air in Mauritius | Un air pur et vivifiant à l’île Maurice

Reason No. 2: Moving to Mauritius means saying goodbye to cold winters and low morale!

Mauritius has a very mild subtropical climate. With only two seasons (summer and winter), the island experiences very little seasonal temperature fluctuations.

The mild winter reduces the risk of developing seasonal affective disorder due to lack of sun exposure, which should not be taken lightly!

Moving to Mauritius for a healthier lifestyle | L'île Maurice est bonne pour votre santé

Reason No. 3: Rigorous health controls

The country takes health control very seriously both at the port and airport. Efficient health units with high-quality equipment conduct screenings at the airport as well as in the port, depending on the ship’s country of origin.

These measures have recently proven to be effective as Mauritius has been able to erode paludism and dengue fever. The country has also won the battle against Chikungunya – all these demonstrate the rigorous health controls in the country.

Reason No. 4: Outdoor living at your doorstep

Mauritius also offers a wealth of opportunities for outdoor experiences in nature. Various open-air activities such as golf, sailing,tennis, horse riding, among other, are available close to you all year round.

Moving to Mauritius means you will no longer need to travel hundreds of miles to breathe some fresh mountain air or let off steam in a pastoral setting.

Fresh mountain air Mauritius | Air pur et vivifiant à l’île Maurice

Reason No. 5: World-class private clinics

The island has numerous private paying hospitals that provide world-class healthcare services. There are various general private hospitals around the island with a broad array of medical specialists to address the patients’ needs.

Other more specialised private hospitals have opened in recent years such as the dental clinic, Dentcare and Dr Awargal’s Eye Hospital, which provides high-quality eye care services in Mauritius.

You will find here a list of world-class clinics.

Reason No. 6: A hub for medical tourism

Mauritius has now become a key hub in medical tourism when it comes to hair grafting as well as dental or plastic surgery. Over the last few years, health-related tourism has experienced a boost, hence the establishment of an Indian Ocean Centre for Aesthetic Surgery in the North since the early 2000s with a wide range of surgical interventions performed by renowned medical practitioners.

What about health insurance?

It is strongly advised for both Mauritians and expatriates take up a health insurance policy. There are many highly reputed local insurance companies, amongst them are the Swan Insurance and Mauritius Union. Most of the health insurance premium are paid on a monthly basis and medical expenses incurred locally and abroad are covered up to a certain threshold, depending on the type of policy you choose. French nationals contributing to the Fund for French Citizens Abroad (CFE) are also covered for various medical procedures locally and abroad.

The country’s medical sector has experienced a tremendous boom. With skilled health personnel from around the world and European-level medical services, Mauritius now positions itself as a place where it feels good to live!

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