The advantages of buying a property in Mauritius :

Access to residence permit

Unrivalled lifestyle

Freehold purchase

International schools and universities

first-class private health service

Tax advantages

Type of ownership of property

It is possible to own freehold property in Mauritius. Most of the schemes by the EDB (Economic Development Board) for residential property are accessible to foreign property buyers in Mauritius in freehold ownership. These schemes include the IRS (Integrated Resort Scheme), RES (Real Estate Scheme), PDS (Property Development Scheme) and SCS (Smart City Schemes). There are other types of ownership that also provide access to freehold property.

How to obtain a Mauritian residence permit?

Yes, it is possible to acquire the Mauritian residency permit via acquisition of Property in Mauritius. Your Real Estate acquisition has to be approved by the EDB (Economic Development Board of Mauritius), which is the governing body around Foreign Direct Investment in Mauritius. 

Minimum investment:

The minimum investment required to obtain permanent residency in Mauritius is USD 375,000.

Validity of the residence permit linked to the acquisition of property in Mauritius:

The residence permit is valid for as long as you own the property. Spouses, dependent children and parents of investors are also eligible to obtain residence permits.

Buying in partnership:

It is now possible to buy a property in partnership with a residence permit for each investor, provided that each person invests more than USD 375,000 in the project. So if two of you buy a superb property on the island and each invest more than USD 375,000 in the purchase of a single property, you will each obtain a residence permit.

Who is eligible for a residence permit?

New Property Developments in Mauritius

Let’s take a look at the different types of property and their advantages. There are many options for buying property in Mauritius, whether you want to live there or simply make a secure investment. Let’s take a closer look.

What are the taxation benefits of Mauritius?

Mauritius’ favourable tax regime is certainly an advantage for investors, with a maximum tax rate of 15% on personal income, VAT and business profits. In addition, there are no monthly or annual fees or other taxes imposed on property in Mauritius. Another interesting point to consider when buying a property in Mauritius is that you will not be subject to capital gains tax or inheritance tax.

Mauritius, the best foreign property investment destination of South Africans

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Investing in real estate in Mauritius as a non-resident gives access to the residence permit as well as the many advantages linked to the acquisition.

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