Are you ready? Mauritius awaits your arrival. On the move to attract professionals wishing to settle in Mauritius, the Mauritian government launched its Premium Travel Visa in November 2020. This initiative is in high demand with an application rate of 28.5% from France, followed by 7.7% from India, 7.5% from Germany, and 7.2% from the United States, according to figures of the 4th of February.

'Work from home', strolling on the beach

In the booming digital era, working from home has never been easier.

Of course, like the Maldives or Barbados, several other islands around the globe are winking wealthy foreigners, promoting their versions of the travel visa system. However, for those who want to sunbathe while working remotely in a Covid-Free environment safely, there is only one possible option, Mauritius.

Mauritius, more than a Covid-safe destination

Working in Mauritius

Surfing on the web, you will find numerous traveling offers on the market, but what Mauritius has to offer will undoubtedly be much more tempting.

Firstly, the island has recorded zero local cases of Covid-19 since the 27th of April.

Ranking first in Africa in the World Bank’s index on ease of doing business, Mauritius aims to be THE hub for banking, financial and legal services, offering a world-class quality service.

Therefore, investors or professionals will not encounter major obstacles in transferring their operations to the island or relocating their businesses. Mauritius is in an ideal time zone (GMT + 4) to work remotely with Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

Interesting point for digital nomads, the percentage of internet users in Mauritius is up to 64%, according to the World Bank.

The Indian Ocean island offers you a quiet, and stable environment where you and your family will always be safe.  According to the democracy index of the Economist Intelligence unit, the country is ranked first in Africa, being a full democracy. It is to be noted that only twenty countries in the world have the status of full democracy.

Mauritius builds economic resilience

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According to the Bank of Mauritius’ (BOM) estimates, the expected growth rate for 2021 is 7,9%. Severely affected by the pandemic, the Mauritian economy is recovering fast with the vaccination campaign’s launch. The first to receive the injections are hospital medical staff, members of the police force, and the hospitality sector, a sign that the tourism industry is preparing for a rebirth.

As for the BoM’s treasury, gross international reserves amounted to USD 7.8 billion as of the 31st of January, representing more than 14 months of imports.

How to get the Travel Premium Visa?

The application is done via the Economic Development Board (EDB) platform and can be validated within 48 hours. Among other criteria, applicants must prove their long-stay project and the needed funds to cover their living expenses. A health and travel insurance, among others, will also be required.

A foreign national may also apply for an ‘occupation permit’ if he or she wishes to invest in Mauritius and acquire property under the IRS (Integrated Resort Scheme), RES (Real Estate Scheme), PDS (Property Development Scheme), or SCS (Smart City Scheme) schemes.

More details about the residence permit by Mauritius Sotheby’s International Realty.

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