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Music thrives in Mauritius; Kaz’Out, a work of art…

Concerts, exhibitions, plays, shows, festivals; Mauritius is full of cultural events. One good example is Kaz’Out. Over the past 6 years, on November 1st (public holiday), this festival has gathered about twenty local and international artists. The event can last one day or more, depending on the year. This year, it will be a full day followed by an after-party on Saturday. An electrifying festival, a lively atmosphere, all set in spectacular scenery…

Get out of “lakaz”

The word “lakaz” in Creole means house. The idea behind this festival is to step out of your house to discover, share and open up to new horizons. Kaz’Out is a production of Lively Up Ltd.

It is designed to professionalise and develop the music economy in Mauritius. It gives local artists the chance to perform on stage where they can make a living out of their art and free up some time for their endeavours. The presence of foreign artists is not only a plus for the public but also an opportunity for local artists to foster a professional cultural network.

2019 on stage

This year, Kaz’Out is spread over a day followed by an after-party, bursting with colours. The show will be held on Friday at “L’Aventure du Sucre”, Beau-Plan. The event will continue on Saturday next to? the swimming pool of “Mystik Life Style” hotel, Mont Choisy.

Headliners: The Dizzy Brain (Madagascar), garage rock featuring four raging boys. The Prophecy (Mauritius), who has won the hearts of many Mauritians. The Two, a Mauritian-Swiss duo that takes you on their blissful Blues journey. Votia (Reunion Island), sharing their traditional music. Manu Desroches (Mauritius), guitarist, bassist and singer, who will be playing a variety of chords in different musical styles. Another distinguished guest: Manudigital (France): this exceptionally talented jack-of-all-trades (bass player, DJ, producer, remixer, arranger, composer…) has been wandering the reggae-dub galaxy for a couple of years, he will showcase a digital and a passionate version of his good vibes.

Kaz’Out is a welcoming place, a secure location and a fun-filled event for children. It is a bright and colourful mix that awaits you!

The Art-Deco Residences, a pre-festival

Whether you use a paintbrush as an artist or as a professional, you are welcome to join in throughout October. Be it for a few hours, a day or a weekend, the Art-Deco Residences will welcome you to share unforgettable moments of togetherness while preparing for the festival (panels, furniture assembling, etc.). It is a unique opportunity to step into the spotlight.

Tickets are on sale at: : +230 466 9999 : +230 263 2769

Price of tickets

Children: – 12 years old = Free
Regular: Rs 800
VIP: Rs 1500 (Limited)

Regular : Rs 1000
VIP : Rs 2000 (subject to availability)

For party lovers who want to keep on celebrating, this “Pass” will give you access to the Festival on Friday, November 1st at L’Aventure du Sucre as well as the After Party on Saturday, November 2nd at Mystik Life Style

More informaition here:
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Kaz’out Festival 2017: the musical event that was not to be missed!

This fourth edition of the Kaz’out festival is undeniably the most accomplished. Backed by an enthralled audience of music lovers, the promoters hit hard thanks to an outstanding musical line-up and a well-carried out planning. Let’s shed light on this annual gathering that appears to have at last earned its place within the Mauritian cultural landscape

Festival-goers present in larger numbers

While the festival was indeed held on the 4th of November at l’Aventure du Sucre, the celebrations took off as from the 1st of the month with an “Off” programme, with the intent to expose local artists in different venues located in the north of the island. This fresh initiative turned the excitement up a notch in anticipation of the due date.

On D-day, the public turned up in force (roughly 2500 against 2000 in 2016), notably to see the king of maloya on stage. Dazzled by the performance of this icon from Reunion Island, the festival-goers moved, danced and swayed to the music of Danyel Waro, which was spirited, transcendent and often deeply-moving. Proud and appreciative of his Creole background, he spoke to the hearts of the Mauritian public by conveying his feelings time and again.

An unprecedented, sensational line-up!

This year, Kaz’out came up with an eclectic and complementary programme, with nearly the same number of local and international artists. The public was further rewarded with the A-list of local electro, featuring Babani Sound System, the dance-provoking reggae of Bazil, and the stage-tearing rock band, Les yeux d’la tête. From music therapy, seggae, house to hip-hop… tough to broaden the range of music genres!

Our programme has for purpose to couple musical discovery, diversity and quality. We strive to deliver an array of live performances with an authentic stage presence, while showcasing every single artist featured on the line-up. This varied assortment of genres stems from our determination to avoid a restricted perspective and to demonstrate, as far as possible, an open mind with respect to music.”

Kaz’out fourth edition: a flawless achievement

As for the festival-goer, nothing seems to have interfered with the ongoing celebrations: the Kaz’out team was warm and friendly, the décor idyllic, the craft market well-stocked and the bar quite efficient…even the moon marked its presence, bright and almost full! What are the promoters’ impressions a few days following the festival?

We had a bigger line-up this year, and as such more challenges to face with regards to technical specifications and logistics, but everything went smoothly. This latest edition of Kaz’out is very promising as the festival gains in relevance every year. The feedback from artists and the public alike is very positive, indicating that we are heading in the right direction,” states Laura Hebert, cofounder of the event.

The Kaz’out festival awaits you next year with even more surprises, but above all “music that comes from the heart” to quote Laura.