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Home automation: Smart solutions for smart living

In this hyperconnected world, the integration of technology into everyday objects improves the comfort and safety of our homes while helping save money.

Who wouldn’t want to live in a smart home? A connected home that has the flexibly to adapt to the lifestyle of its occupants from wake-up to bedtime? One that you can control single-handedly, that anticipates your habits, ensures your safety, protects your belongings and even generates savings?

Home automation brings cutting-edge technology to your home. It uses sensors, actuators and controllers connected to a central unit to allow you to manage your home from anywhere at all times.


This concept adds an extra dimension to your peace of mind, especially when it comes to monitoring and protecting your home. You can remotely manage your security system and know what’s going on in real time on your mobile device. You are also immediately notified in case of problem to avoid any unpleasant surprises when you return home.

Remote control

There is a variety of comprehensive solutions that enable you to easily control your lighting and other household appliances from anywhere in the world. For example, you can adjust light intensity, switch lights on or off, set the temperature of your air conditioning system or refrigerator, manage the opening or closing of your electric shutters, or even turn on other appliances. It only takes a mouse click or a finger swipe across the touch screen of your tablet or smartphone!

Savings and positive environmental impact

Moreover, you can take control of your power bill through smart management and monitoring of all these systems. With home automation, you will save big on your energy consumption while making an effective contribution to environment protection.

Personalised entertainment

Home automation also creates pleasant moments of relaxation and entertainment. It helps enhance and personalise your experience: you can wake up to your favourite music or radio and continue listening in the shower or in the kitchen, and fully enjoy your TV, gaming console and laptop, among others.

Helvetia’s home automation packages

Besides making your living space smart and adding convenience to your daily routine, such solutions are likely to raise the value of your property and stimulate greater interest in potential buyers. Additionally, home automation can earn you a better return on investment on resale.