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Smarter waste management in Moka

Responsible waste management is a key issue for any smart city development and Moka is taking a proactive approach to reduce its environmental footprint.

Moka Smart City is continuing its green efforts with the implementation of a selective waste collection programme within its first residential development, Les Promenades d’Helvétia. Alongside this initiative, semi-buried collectors strategically located around the city will serve as public drop-off points, boosting the efficiency and eco-friendliness of the waste management program.

Each apartment block of Les Promenades d’Helvétia will be equipped with selective colour-coded sorting bins: green for organic waste, yellow for recyclables like plastic, aluminium, paper and cardboard, and red for those items that cannot be recycled.

For optimal efficiency, households can use multi-compartment bins to separate their waste at the source –in their kitchen. They can buy one from their preferred store or from kitchen specialists such as Unique Concept or Schmidt.

Specific waste itineraries

The refuse collection service of the Moka District Council will pick up non-recyclable waste once a week and recyclable dry waste fortnightly. The frequency for organic waste will be determined shortly.

After selective collection, each type of waste will be routed to the suitable treatment channel. Organic waste will be turned into compost whereas recyclable products such as plastic and aluminium will be sorted by Green Ltd before being transformed or exported. The same channel as for general waste will be used for non-recyclable materials, i.e. they will be sent to the Mare Chicose landfill.

Waste sorting and recycling offer various advantages, including halving the amount of waste going to landfills. They improve households’ compliance with sustainable development principles, with significant economic benefits for all. The collection and transformation of waste help preserve the environment and promote the development of a circular economy based on the “three Rs”: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. They also contribute to creating sustainable jobs.

A clean, safe and cost-effective solution

This responsible waste management extends beyond Les Promenades d’Helvétia. Moloks, semi-buried waste collectors, will soon be available as voluntary drop-off receptacles at Vivéa Business Park, Helvetia (in front of Synergy Sport & Wellness Institute), Courchamps and Telfair.

The containers to be installed in Moka are designed for the disposal of dry waste, including paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminium cans and glass. Here again, Green Ltd will be the supplier and will take care of collection.

There is a specific recycling stream for each type of waste. Plastics are either transformed and reused locally or exported by companies like Polypet Recyclers Ltd, Surfrider Ltd and WeCycle Ltd. The latter also processes and exports some of the paper and cardboard collected. Metal is sent abroad while glass is recycled locally by Green Ltd to find a second life in construction.

The Molok waste management system is a clean, safe and cost-effective solution for responsible and eco-friendly waste collection. It ensures efficient and safe emptying for both users and collectors, with a space-saving vertical design. The lower temperature underground helps minimize odours while gravity improves compaction for an increased collection capacity.

Moka Smart City has set up this initiative to make a tangible contribution towards a sustainable development by promoting better waste management practices among its citizens!

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Embracing smarter energy and water consumption

Smart meters have become increasingly popular in recent years, moving from purely industrial to household applications through the integration of a user-friendly interface. They are used for measuring the consumption of water and electricity.

Transparent usage

Smart meters present an easily readable on-premises digital display that enables homeowners to monitor their respective consumption in real time. Extensive information is provided through graphs, dashboards and historical data patterns via an online platform or a mobile app. This gives them better insight into their consumption and encourages more responsible use.

Consumer awareness

Water and energy consumption also has a direct impact on the economy, environment and social welfare. With the rising growth in demand for these resources, efforts on customer awareness need to be increased and their efficient management is of crucial importance to sustainable development. Smart meters empower users to actively participate in consuming efficiently, promote more eco-friendly behaviour and enable early detection of leaks and anomalies.

Taking the lead

Moka Smart City has taken the lead with the deployment of smart energy and water meters across all 43 units in blocks A and B of its first residential development, Les Promenades d’Helvétia. The extension of these devices to upcoming blocks and common areas will allow homeowners and managing agents (syndic) to digitally monitor and track their respective consumption.

Smart meters will also provide homeowners with continuous information on individual usage through an online platform. They can access a graphical representation of their consumption levels at a given point in time with customised filters on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, or for specific periods. Moreover, they can carry out a comparative analysis with other units accommodating the same number of occupants within their precinct or other areas of the city.

Moka Smart City is currently working towards deploying various other smart solutions to allow resident involvement in sustainability initiatives. Stay tuned!

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Home automation: Smart solutions for smart living

In this hyperconnected world, the integration of technology into everyday objects improves the comfort and safety of our homes while helping save money.

Who wouldn’t want to live in a smart home? A connected home that has the flexibly to adapt to the lifestyle of its occupants from wake-up to bedtime? One that you can control single-handedly, that anticipates your habits, ensures your safety, protects your belongings and even generates savings?

Home automation brings cutting-edge technology to your home. It uses sensors, actuators and controllers connected to a central unit to allow you to manage your home from anywhere at all times.


This concept adds an extra dimension to your peace of mind, especially when it comes to monitoring and protecting your home. You can remotely manage your security system and know what’s going on in real time on your mobile device. You are also immediately notified in case of problem to avoid any unpleasant surprises when you return home.

Remote control

There is a variety of comprehensive solutions that enable you to easily control your lighting and other household appliances from anywhere in the world. For example, you can adjust light intensity, switch lights on or off, set the temperature of your air conditioning system or refrigerator, manage the opening or closing of your electric shutters, or even turn on other appliances. It only takes a mouse click or a finger swipe across the touch screen of your tablet or smartphone!

Savings and positive environmental impact

Moreover, you can take control of your power bill through smart management and monitoring of all these systems. With home automation, you will save big on your energy consumption while making an effective contribution to environment protection.

Personalised entertainment

Home automation also creates pleasant moments of relaxation and entertainment. It helps enhance and personalise your experience: you can wake up to your favourite music or radio and continue listening in the shower or in the kitchen, and fully enjoy your TV, gaming console and laptop, among others.

Helvetia’s home automation packages

Besides making your living space smart and adding convenience to your daily routine, such solutions are likely to raise the value of your property and stimulate greater interest in potential buyers. Additionally, home automation can earn you a better return on investment on resale.

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Property Management: ensuring a harmonious environment

From the administration, management and upgrading of the premises to choosing the right service providers, supervising construction and implementing decisions taken during the general meeting, the missions of professional property managers are extensive… Investing in real-estate developments proposing the services of these professionals – such as La Balise Marina, Heritage Villas Valriche or Les Promenades d’Helvétia – is highly recommended. Below are some major advantages.

1) Management of common areas

Guaranteeing proper maintenance of the area is one of the first missions of a property manager. But how? “By looking after the maintenance and administration of the common areas,” we are told by Denis Le Blanc, the property manager at Sygeco. He explains: “All the property’s common areas should be well maintained”. The range extends from maintenance of the garden to electric gates, elevators, pipelines, lights, potable water supplies, just to name a few… When a need arises, the property manager chooses the best service provider to solve issues rapidly and effectively. As a result, homeowners do not have to deal with any hassle and thus can save time.

2) A better living environment

Renovating buildings, repairing roofs, installing CCTV, energy conservation upgrades… These changes, whether in terms of comfort, security or aesthetic, improve the daily life of co-owners. The work that needs to be done is voted for at the general assembly and then implemented. The role of a property manager is to request quotations, control expenses, supervise operations and ensure good workmanship.

3) Preserve property value

With this proficient and rigorous management, you can be sure that your property’s value will be enhanced. “This is more than a mere service, the main goal of a property manager is to advocate on behalf of each co-owner and maintain the property’s worth daily,” underlines Denis Le Blanc.

4) Prevention is better than cure

The financial and accounting operations of the co-ownership syndicate are both managed by the property managers, who also call back unwilling debtors. As part of the process, they review a wide range of quotes, select the best service provider, manage the operation from both a technical and financial point of view. Last but not least, they ensure that the co-ownership regulations are respected.

5) Having a contact person

Being the homeowners’ official representative in legal proceedings, the property manager can intervene in case of conflict, by restating the co-ownership regulations. “We play an important role as mediators and conciliators. Whenever a dispute arises between homeowners themselves or between a homeowner and the property manager, a fair and respectful solution is sought, in compliance with the co-ownership regulations and the Civil Code rules“, says Denis Le Blanc.

Legal Framework: What’s New?

The co-ownership syndicates’ law was amended last year by the Mauritian ParliamentThese changes were anticipated and are heading in the right direction since the Civil Code provisions had become irrelevant in today’s world. As a result, the property manager’s roles are now more professional. Moreover, the decision-making and deliberation’s rules have become more flexible, allowing a more collaborative and smoother management of co-ownerships, which is a win-win situation,” says Denis Le Blanc.