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An end of year holiday like no other in Mauritius

An end of year holiday like no other in Mauritius

As Franck might say “You dream of a white Christmas” but in Mauritius, surrounded by the Indian Ocean we do not talk about snow but of white sandy beaches. We are in a wonderful place to live all year round and especially when the holiday season rolls around. Here is a taste of what you can expect for your end of year holidays.


Feel the heartbeat of the lively seaside village of Grand Bay. Restaurants, bars and nightclubs are available for the night owls who want to party the night away.
The bay also offers a great vantage spot for the numerous fireworks that are fired by the various hotels along the coast. This breathtaking display attracts tourists and locals alike from all around the island.


The South is well-known for its beautiful beaches, pristine nature and golf! If this combo suits you well, check out Heritage Bel Ombre for a festive holiday that will satisfy the desires of the entire family.
Some can enjoy a round of golf while others are having a quad ride around the nature reserve, or even spending the day lounging around in the sun by the pool and party at night at Heritage C Beach Club.


If you are more interested in the decorations and lights that brighten up shop windows during the Christmas season, you will find whatever you desire in the central part of the island. Bagatelle Mall, for example, is the ideal place to find your Christmas gifts with a number of shops.
There is also a wing dedicated to leisure with futsal and bowling as well as a cinema area. You can also come across Christmas markets, parades and a host of other animations that will appeal to both children and adults.


If you’re looking for peace and tranquillity, head off for the east coast. You will enjoy the quiet of the white sandy beaches and the cool gentle breeze wafting through this region of the island, which is ideal in very hot weather.
Hang a hammock between two filao trees and enjoy some reading after a snorkelling treat. Explore the charming little villages dotting the coastline on a road trip and get acquainted with this timeless side of Mauritius.


The west coast is the warmest place on island. Take every opportunity to spend time in the water and try various nautical activities. Rent a stand-up paddle in Tamarin Bay to explore the river, take an early morning swim with dolphins, book a New Year’s Eve cruise aboard a catamaran departing from L’Estuaire or enjoy the thrill of kitesurfing in Le Morne.
On New Year's Eve, families come to enjoy a picnic in Tamarin Bay with their torches, barbecues and campfires. What a unique, warm atmosphere!

Take a break to discover Mauritius

Take a break from the cold Northern Hemisphere winter to soak up the sun and splash about in the sea, with temperatures around 28°C.
If you haven’t already done so, it is high time to consider setting up a home base in Mauritius! Because while Christmas will always be on 25 December, you could then experience the tropical magic every day!