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Embracing smarter energy and water consumption

Smart meters have become increasingly popular in recent years, moving from purely industrial to household applications through the integration of a user-friendly interface. They are used for measuring the consumption of water and electricity.

Transparent usage

Smart meters present an easily readable on-premises digital display that enables homeowners to monitor their respective consumption in real time. Extensive information is provided through graphs, dashboards and historical data patterns via an online platform or a mobile app. This gives them better insight into their consumption and encourages more responsible use.

Consumer awareness

Water and energy consumption also has a direct impact on the economy, environment and social welfare. With the rising growth in demand for these resources, efforts on customer awareness need to be increased and their efficient management is of crucial importance to sustainable development. Smart meters empower users to actively participate in consuming efficiently, promote more eco-friendly behaviour and enable early detection of leaks and anomalies.

Taking the lead

Moka Smart City has taken the lead with the deployment of smart energy and water meters across all 43 units in blocks A and B of its first residential development, Les Promenades d’Helvétia. The extension of these devices to upcoming blocks and common areas will allow homeowners and managing agents (syndic) to digitally monitor and track their respective consumption.

Smart meters will also provide homeowners with continuous information on individual usage through an online platform. They can access a graphical representation of their consumption levels at a given point in time with customised filters on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, or for specific periods. Moreover, they can carry out a comparative analysis with other units accommodating the same number of occupants within their precinct or other areas of the city.

Moka Smart City is currently working towards deploying various other smart solutions to allow resident involvement in sustainability initiatives. Stay tuned!